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Видео клуба онлайн: Pulse - 29/09/11 - WoW News - PTR Patch 4.3 - Dragon Soul, End Time, Fangs of Father & More

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A wild video appears, watch it to see what its about! Expand here for links. Remember to like it, favourite it, share it and subscribe! :DPatch 4.3 Live on PTR - 0:29Tier 13 Previews and Retrospectives - 3:47Mine of WorldCraft - 4:59Smalls - 5:42In this week's episode... Patch 4.3... Yeah, that's pretty much it! A ton of Patch 4.3 PTR news and updates along with a bunch of previews and more. There are a few other pieces of news too, sure, but they are not nearly as important! ? Permanent Links ?Tales of Lumin on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/talesofluminTales of Lumin Twitter - http://twitter.com/talesofluminTales of Lumin onFacebook - http://www.facebook.com/talesofluminPolarfluKe - http://polarfluke.co.za/? World of WarCraft News ?Patch 4.3 Public Test Realms Live - http://bit.ly/pO3g9NExplanation of 4.3 Balance Changes, Part One - http://bit.ly/nGdtufPatch 4.3 Raid Preview: Dragon Soul - http://bit.ly/qV09su4.3 Dungeons Preview, Part Three: Hour of Twilight - http://bit.ly/o8XVuY4.3 Dungeons Preview, Part Two: Well of Eternity - http://bit.ly/qZUwRcPatch 4.3 Dungeons Preview, Part One: End Time - http://bit.ly/qNUfHl4.3 Patch Preview—Fangs of the Father - http://bit.ly/qylxvhThe Deathwing Raid: Interview with Scott Mercer - http://bit.ly/pszDeHCataclysm - End Time Playthrough (complete) patch 4.3 - http://bit.ly/q6P01I4.3 Preview: Spectral Mounts - http://bit.ly/p33XbXPatch 4.3 - PTR Build 14732 - Spell Changes, New Items, Maps, and More! - http://bit.ly/pXxWQy4.3 Preliminary Guide: 3d Models, Items, Holiday Changes, and More - http://bit.ly/qfYJf94.3 Preview: End Time 5-man Coverage, Dungeon Set 3d Models, Dungeon Journal Entries, and More - http://bit.ly/pJqsadPaladin Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective - http://bit.ly/mVlAedRogue Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective - http://bit.ly/rtViV7Priest Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective - http://bit.ly/qwUqMJ4.3 Preview: Tier 13 Set Bonuses - http://bit.ly/oaVv0T4.3 Preview: End Time 5-man Coverage, Dungeon Set 3d Models, Dungeon Journal Entries, and More - http://bit.ly/pJqsad4.3 Preview: Season 11 PvP Sets - http://bit.ly/oYWZ6MMine of WorldCraft (Minecraft meets World of Warcraft!) - http://bit.ly/ohOiLQ? World of WarCraft Smalls ?Blizzard Art Gallery Update - http://bit.ly/nX2JwUNew Warcraft Fan Art - http://bit.ly/p37yrlCore Hound Pup Screenshot Contest Winner - http://bit.ly/ouIWiXFoo Fighters to Rock BlizzCon 2011 - http://bit.ly/pm2fHXBrazilian Portuguese version of WoW released soon in Europe - http://bit.ly/p1fe8eBlizzard is Recruiting Portuguese Speakers! - http://bit.ly/n0UgVvRaise Your Mug—It's Brewfest! - http://bit.ly/qeTGAXBrewfest (Sept. 20th - Oct. 5th) Guide - http://bit.ly/nryfzZTwo Million Strong on Facebook - http://bit.ly/oYpNrJLeaders of the Horde and Alliance: Sylvanas Windrunner Story Available - http://bit.ly/p3WqZX? World of WarCraft Blue Posts ?...On Transmogrification Rules - http://bit.ly/qd3cdW ...On Tier 13 - http://bit.ly/naDOBa ...On Bashiok's "Unintelligible" Notes - http://bit.ly/oqlnZR

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